Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 8 - June 15: Arco to Idaho Falls

On our way to Idaho Falls with friends Lowell Hawkes and Holly Bowman
 23 miles in and lookin good!
 Thank you for the milkshakes Bill!
Feeling really good, which is crazy. The only issue I have is my extensor longus muscle/tendon is inflamed . It's good for the first 20 or so , and then it becomes an issue. Thanks for all your good vibes and I'll c us when I c ya!
About 5 miles to go...Lowell and Holly stuck it out with Mike the entire 50.7 miles today. 
And Mike had a few more running buddies at the end. 
This is Tenley, cancer fighter and namesake of the Tenley Foundation.
Tenley and her brother were troopers!
And Tyson (another cancer fighter) joined them for a quick jog.
Taking a quick breather...anyone have some Tylenol?
Lots of friends joined Mike at the end
Tenley and Tyson standing in for all of the Idaho Fighters who want to say a giant THANK YOU to Mike (written by Ty's mom who updates the blog occasionally)
 Ice Bath
And Holly (mom of cancer fighter Cooper) takes a turn in the ice bath.

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