Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 7 - June 14: Mackay Reservoir to Arco

~Mike's sister talked to him at about 11:00am today. He slept much better last night and his foot/ankle are not hurting too bad. He seemed to be in good spirits other than the fact that it took him 4.5 hours to go 17 miles. I had to remind him that he is now on day 7 of a 435 mile trek, and 4.5 hours to do 17 miles isn't bad at all. Hope to see you all in the Idaho Falls, Swan Valley and Victor area this weekend. Let's go cheer him on!~
 Bye bye Mackay! Arco, get ready because here I come! -sent via mobile from Mike
Views from the road! 
 Halfway for the day! Food for the gut and ice for the feet! I sure am going to miss the ice part when this is done.
Thank you Scott Archibald and Swire Coca-Cola for the signs!
 3:00 pm and only 20 miles left for the day!
 My nephew Zach bringing me some water.
Ya baby! -sent via mobile at 5:30pm

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